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The Punisher Logo Meaning And The US Military

Man has been using skulls throughout history to intimidate enemies, to warn of danger, to beckon the morally questionable, and to mark our death vaults.

It’s hard not to react when viewing a human skull. After all, it’s a direct confrontation of our own mortality. The only way to see a skull is after death and after decomposition. That’s pretty profound. Our depictions of Death, or the Grim Reaper, always include a skeleton. Interestingly enough, the Grim Reaper also symbolizes a kind of wisdom, spooky though it may be. Death knows when and how our lives will end. It may be a grudging respect at best, but the skull’s representation of Death denotes a sense of superior judgement.


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The Spartan Helmet History - And Why We Love This Symbol

Spartan Man HelmetThe Spartan helmet has a rich history and is known as a symbol of strength, loyalty, courage, and power. Dedicated to war, Spartans were known for their legendary physical and mental strength and their intense dedication to the defense of their city.

Their enemies feared the sight of Spartan warriors, shields raised, lances ready, and their helmets gleaming. Sparta was a strong city and her men gladly laid down their lives to defend her.

While many recognize the Spartan helmet symbol, let’s take a deeper look..

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American Flag Clothing Rules

American Flag Clothing Rules - The Fighting Forces

From American flag clothing to bumper stickers, from flag poles to bunting (festive decorations), we Americans love “Old Glory” and we love to show our love by displaying her everywhere. There’s no doubt we are a patriotic bunch and we proudly wave our stars and stripes wherever we gather to celebrate or to pay respect and not just during the 4th of July.

While many of us show our patriotism by wearing American flag clothing, did you know there is a code of etiquette surrounding the proper display of the U.S. flag? There is a set of rules in place to specify how the flag should be displayed in various circumstances. The Flag Code was first published on June 14, 1923 and it is a set of rules for civilian flag use.

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